Thailand, one immediately thinks of the turquoise clear sea, tropical islands, Bangkok as a mega-metropolis, breathtaking temples and of course the food .

Curries, soups and salads are prepared in restaurants, on the beach or in small carts on the roadside. Street food is ubiquitous in Thailand.

We have embarked on a culinary journey through Thailand to collect the authentic original Thai recipes for you, to cook them and to prepare them lovingly in this book.

We cooked the local dishes together with Thais in their cookshops and looked over their shoulders.

Authentic Thai street food is guaranteed here!

A bound cookbook with 42 authentic and local dishes divided into the following categories:

  • Herbs and spices
  • Sauces & Basics
  • Curries & pastes
  • Salads & Sauces
  • Soups
  • Wok pan
  • Sweets

Bring Thailand and a piece of vacation into your kitchens!

Thai street food I The Thai cookbook

  • 42 recipes in the categories curries & pastes, salads & sauces, soups, wok & pan and sweets make the Thai food heart beat faster. In advance we explain the herbs & spices and the sauces and basics that are used in Thai cuisine. Bring Thai street food into your kitchens!

    Lots of meat, fish and vegetarian Thai dishes, authentic and cooked for you with a lot of sweat and fun in the streets of Thailand!

    Hardcover, 42 recipes, 108 pages
    Format: 21.0 x 29.7 cm

    ISBN: 978-3-00-067010-7

    Frosch & Toad Publishing House

  • Traveling despite Corona? Is the?

    Yes, it's possible!

    We recommend traveling to Thailand during the Corona period - come on a culinary journey!

    Thai street food!